English 11 Grade Ағылшын тілі 11 сынып КТЖ Күнтізбелік тақырыптық жоспар Аяпова Мектеп баспасы

Календарно-тематическое планирование
по английскому языку для 11 классов естественно-математического направления образовательных школ
по УМК «English 11» Т.Аяповой, З.Абильдаевой, Ж. Тутбаевой издательства «Мектеп», 2011

Week Date № Theme Grammar Vocabulary Home task
1 term
Inventions (9 hours)
I 2-6.09
1 Computer mouse Diagnostic test Articles a/ an/ the Ballpoint pen, microwave oven, invent, device, Ex.13 p.145
Ex.3 p.141
2 From history of computer mouse Reported speech
instructions, remote control, harm Ex. 15 p.146
Ex.8 p.143

II 9-13.09
3 Innovations As… like Soar, aerostat, aeronaut, float balloonist, discovery Working with new words: cameras, inventions Ex. 14 p. 149
Ex.9 p.148

4 Television Subjunctive II /Sentences with wish and if only Channel, broadcast, news, local, daily, reporter, transmit, mobile phones, invention, programme Ex. 1 p. 199
Ex.3 p.153
III 16-20.09
5 Keeping in touch with new technologies Wish … if only…

The Moon, the Earth, Solar system, the Sun, orbit. Ex. 5p. 200
Ex 4p159
6 Keeping in contact Wish …the past Wish .. would space, moonlit, moonbeam Ex 9p160 (Project work)

IV 23-27.09 7 Sending cards
АКС Phrasal verbs, idioms
Think of, go up, do with, put on, take off, make up, get off, come back, get along. High technology, production, commercialization, travel agent, route, travel agency, journey, flourish Ex 12p167
Ex 5 p164
8 Carlson’s invention Print, invent, copy, original, complex. Replace, guess, basic, pattern. Ex24p173
Prepare a project : “ Famous inventors”
V 30-4.10 9 Famous inventors
( project work) Review Unit 1
Achievements of Technological Progresses (9 hours )
10 Role of Techniques in Modern Life Countable and uncountable nouns Huge, network , to span, surrounding, data, to serve, to provide. Find 5 countable technical words, 5 uncountable technical words.
VI 7-11.10 10 Useful inventions Revision of the grammar of the previous course Words on the topic Filling in the columns
11 Science Technical progress Phrasal verbs: pick up, get into, work out, To surf, browser, to deploy, interface, dial-up w/d 5 s/s with phrasal words
VII 14-18.10 13 Gadgets

Reliable .security, available, message, packet switching, tremendous, user. Speak about your favourites gadget
14 Internet and modern life Infinitive, phrasal verbs: get on with, point out, to log on To captivate, , to last overload, voice message, Web TV, to handle, Fiber optic cables, satellite dish Prepare a dialogue about the future of the internet
VIII 21-25.10 15 Test on Unit 1 P214-217 Future Perfect, Future Continuous
Infinitive, phrasal verbs: get on with, point out, to log on
Gerund, etc. Vocabulary on the topics “Inventions. Science Technical Progress” To revise material Units 1 to prepare for corrections.
16 Analysis of mistakes made. Corrections To do corrections
Article with Satellites Vocabulary on the topics “Inventions. Science Technical Progress”

2 term

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